Chinese cuisine is the result of a long cultural tradition that respects nature with simplicity, quality and with strong and sharp flavours. The Chinese restaurant La Pagoda of Turin carefully studies its recipes so that its guests are never unsatisfied. The flavours are delicate and the ingredients unique, always fresh and absolutely genuine.

Every single aspect of the service is taken care of even in the slightest detail to ensure a pleasant experience from every point of view. For example, major attention is given to the presentation of the dishes in order to ensure a satisfying experience also from an aesthetic point of view. 


The proposed menu is based on fresh fish dishes which are grilled or stir-fried, as well as chicken and sweet and sour, lemon or curry pork. All this is accompanied by Cantonese rice, soy noodles and rice, Chinese bread and other specialties from the different areas in China. The dishes are served with sauces and creams that decorate each plate. To combine flavour and bring out the natural aspects of the typical Chinese dishes Japanese beers and green tea are served, but you can also choose from a wide selection of local wines.

At La Pagoda we also have a sample tasting menu of raw fish, but not only. We also have a sample tasting of cooked dishes, both meat and fish, based on your taste and desires.

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