Below you will find some interesting facts about the Japanese culture such as the tea ceremony, martial arts and Zen culture.


Japan tea

The Cha no yu, known in the Western countries as the Tea Ceremony, is a social and spiritual ritual performed since ancient times in Japan. It is also called Chadō or Sadō, which is Japanese for "way of tea". It is one of the most famous traditional zen arts. The ritual, through the codification of the ceremony, consists of four founding principles: Harmony, Respect, Purity, Tranquility..


martial arts

Concept of Japanese and Chinese Eastern tradition (but not only), the term martial arts refers to a complex set of physical, mental and spiritual practices that bind with the practical and artistic aspects of the combat. These disciplines date back to very ancient times and later spread to Europe and America since the fifties and sixties.


Zen culture

Zen refers to a very ancient doctrine of thought, which dates back to the legendary Indian monk Bodhidharma, and regards the study of the mind, body and relevant interactions. From India the Zen culture spread to China (Chan Buddhism), then reached Japan taking on the forms that we know of today. Alongside the Japanese Zen there are different Zen traditions, such as the Korean Son and the Vietnamese Thien.

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